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While at Rock.Paper.Film I was the VFX supervisor on a promo video for an exciting new animation festival to be held in Bournemouth. The BFX Festival will consist of a 6-week summer competition followed by screenings, master classes, an awards ceremony and other exciting events taking place across Bournemouth 25th-29th September 2013.

With Red Balloon in charge of production and shooting, we had a very fun one day shoot at the beach to get all the coverage. That meant we had to do some extensive grading and colour work to make sure the full sequence matched despite being filmed at very different times of day under variable weather conditions. With the help of Anthony Minto we added all the CG cards in the sky, falling and to the backgrounds of the shots. It was a fun project and I wish BFX all the best with their new and exciting festival.


Posted on February 24, 2013 in blogPosts

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Dean Wright is a Creative Director and VFX Supervisor. He writes about the 3D animation industry, Motorsport and working life in Japan following his time there in 2013-2014. Having worked internationally at major studios, he now lives in London working as Creative Video Director for Motorsport network.

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