“Franglais” | Short Film

‘Our friendly local drug dealer takes us on a tour of his turf, a quaint village nestled within the picturesque south of France. Though things don’t quite go as planned when dealing with his shadowy English client.’

As well as being a 3D artist I also have a passion for filmmaking and in 2013 I shot my first fully live action short film that I wrote and directed. Genre wise it is a bit of a dark comedy and you can now watch the full film on youtube below.

Shot in the south of France not far from Nice we worked closely with the mayor and people of Seillans to get some great shots around the picturesque village. A full list of credits can be found on the IMDB page but needless to say this wouldn’t have been possible without the help and enthusiasm of everyone involved. The shoot was a lot of fun so I hope you enjoyed the inclusion of some bloopers at the end of the film!

It was a fantastic experience that taught me a lot of lessons that I continue to apply to improve my professional work as well. Working on location with real actors and filming equipment makes a big change from the very digital medium of 3D so it provided a great challenge that has given me a fresh perspective when tackling animation. Check out the animated poster below as well by the talented Emma Wilson.

Animated Poster

Animated Poster

Thanks very much for watching and if you have any thoughts, drop me a comment below, on Facebook or on Twitter as I would love to hear from you.

Posted on June 22, 2015 in blogPosts

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Dean Wright is a Creative Director and VFX Supervisor. He writes about the 3D animation industry, Motorsport and working life in Japan following his time there in 2013-2014. Having worked internationally at major studios, he now lives in London working as Creative Video Director for Motorsport network.

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