Star Wars F1 X-wing – Ferrari and Red Bull concepts

As huge Formula 1 and Star Wars fans, we put our 3D skills to use to produce our F1X-Wing.

With the 2016 Formula 1 season drawing to a close and the upcoming Star Wars Rogue One film release, we wondered what might a Star Wars F1 cross over look like? The iconic X-wing starfighter seemed like the appropriate choice and we had to start this project with the most famous and iconic F1 team, Ferrari.

To give us a head start in the process, we used the X-wing 3D model by Video Copilot which was also a great starting point for the dirt maps of the textures. Then using our experience from building F1 cars for techincal animations we painted a brand new livery incorporating the design and sponsors from the 2016 Ferrari F1 team. To decide which team to work on next, we turned to facebook and twitter to see what team F1 and Star wars fans most waned to see. And the winner is…

Red Bull Racing! With over 1/3rd of the vote, Red Bull proved most popular among the voting public and this is not the first time Red Bull have associated with Star Wars as they previously teamed up for a special sponsor livery at the Monaco GP in 2005.

We are super excited to watch the F1 2016 title decider this weekend and cannot wait for the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story release next month, but for now, we have plenty more renders of our Ferrari and Red Bull X-wing starfighter below.

Ferrari F1 X-Wing Gallery

Red Bull F1 X-Wing Gallery

Thanks for checking out our work, for more Star Wars, watch our BB8 in London short film we produced last year.

Posted on November 25, 2016 in blogPosts

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Dean Wright is a Creative Director and VFX Supervisor. He writes about the 3D animation industry, Motorsport and working life in Japan following his time there in 2013-2014. Having worked internationally at major studios, he now lives in London working as Creative Video Director for Motorsport network.

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