I caught up with ex Disney animator Stephane Mangin to quiz him on the differences animating in Japan, US and Europe. Having worked in France at Mac Guff, in London at Double Negative, in the US at Disney and now Japan at Marza, he shares his thoughts on the differences in the work culture. His previous works include Frozen, Wreck it Ralph, John Carter and Despicable me, so if you are curious about the animation industry in Japan, then check out the video below to get the low down from someone who has experienced it all first hand. If you are interested in coming out here yourself, check out my post on how to get an animation job in Japan.




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  2. Very interesting, Japan is a fabulous country to be in, love the culture and ambience there. Japanese are methodical in their approach and every decision has to come with a consensus. Thanks Dean for posting this video, look forward to some more..

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