How can I get a quick and accurate animation quote?

The process of obtaining an animation quote can be sped up enormously if you are able to provide your potential studio or artist with all the information they need in the first inquiry email. Items we always ask for in a quote are:

  • A little background information on you and your business.
  • A detailed description of the project, including a breakdown of the action and details of the target audience.
  • The animation style and/ or method that you have in mind.
  • Image or video reference of your target visual approach, Youtube links to other animations are ideal.
  • If available, a script or storyboard, even loose sketches are great to get the message across.
  • Estimated duration of the final animated video.
  • If known, a rough budget figure.
  • Target deadline or milestones.

This information is most conveniently condensed into a single email or more formally into a ‘Creative Brief’ document. We have put together this creative brief template for you to use on your projects when seeking new quotes.


Download as: PDF, DOC, ODT

Feel free to use this template for any creative projects with any vendors and by all means edit it to suit your own needs. Every project is different, so this is just a guide to help get things started and offer an idea of what creative studios and freelancers need to be in a position to draft up a quote.

We hope you have found our animation overview helpful and can put it to good use when embarking on your next animation commission. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. If you are interested in our animation services, do get in touch via our contact form or send in a quote request.

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