To complement my interview with ex Disney animator Stephane Mangin, I caught up with Japanese VFX artist Yasunobu Arahori to get his thoughts on the differences between animating in Japan, Canada and England. Having animated in multiple companies, countries and roles over the past 12 years, he shares his thoughts on the differences in the work culture.

前回のヨーロッパ人アニメーターから見れば日本はどうかというインタビューに対して補足となる日本人アニメーターは欧米に来てどう思うかというインタビューもやってまいりました! 今回は12年間優れた職歴のある日本人アニメーターのあらほりやすのぶさんにインタビューして参りました!日本、カナダ、イギリスで様々な会社で務めた事のあるやすのぶさんと職場文化のことをお話しさせていただきました。


Due to some issues with youtube, I have had to remove the video version of the interview. However a full transcript is available below for download in both English and Japanese:

‘Dean: After studying at the Japan Electrical college in Tokyo, working in Japan for a while and then moving to Toronto for a short while, he’s now in London working at Double Negative.

Yasunobu: Yeah my college was for three years and I was learning about art and more technical computer graphics then after I graduated I was in Japan for five years working as a generalist…’

Download/ ダウンロードJapanese VFX Artist on Animation in the UK & Canada


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