As much as I wanted to be enjoying my new games purchased in the Steam sale this winter, alas, this hell hound demanded my attention instead. Toiling for dozens of hours over a tablet and frankly tiny laptop screen, I have been bringing this beast into being to hone my Zbrush skills and eventually put together a new modelling reel. While I work on a few other pieces, here is the big dog in all his turn table glory.

Based on a design by Devon Cady-Lee I started out modeling with zspheres to get the main shape in place. Making full use of dynamesh, zremesher, HD geometry and polypainting with spotlight, I gradually increased the detail of the sculpt, paying close attention to the number of polygons and topology. UVed with UV master and then exported maps and elements for further work back and forth with Maya and Photoshop. I have a project idea involving this creature in mind that may mean he will make another appearance on this blog in future!


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