Having just moved to Japan I am studying hard to improve my language skills. One quick way I thought I could beef up my vocab would be to find a list of English words that have been adopted into the Japanese language, also known as Gairaigo. There is a book available by Tuttle which covers this topic but is not the easiest to get hold of once you are in Japan and is pretty expensive.I also wanted to concentrate on the high frequency Loan Words so there is more chance that the Japanese people will be aware of the usage.

After some digging I found this paper which became the source for the documents I have shared below. Its a big paper and I was only interested in the vocab in the appendix, so I have split these out into excel format so it can be ordered alphabetically by the English translation or the Katakana. I hope others find this list useful in their Japanese language studies. Please share/ like/ say hi on twitter if you found this useful.

Open Office ODS: Japanese Loan Words (High Frequency)

Microsoft XLSX: Japanese Loan Words (High Frequency)

PDF: Japanese Loan Words (High Frequency)


  1. Paulina

    I am very impressed by the result of Your work! I wolud like to ask if You could possibly send me the address of the website ‘gairago paper’ which inspired You? Unfortunately, the link on Your website doesn’t work. I would really appreciate that.
    I look forward to hearing from You,

  2. Thank You! I am interested in the topic but I didn’t come across this work. Thank you for Your help 🙂
    Kind regards,

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