Working with Peter Windsor and Craig Scarborough, our series of F1 technical animations are available on youtube almost immediately after each race weekend via’s official channel. We’ve put them all together in manufacturer specific playlists for easy viewing and will keep the lists up to date throughout the year.

[fancy_header type=”1″ subtitle=”for type=2″]Mercedes F1 Update Playlist[/fancy_header]

Mercedes are continuing their dominance in 2016 but by no means resting on their laurels as they consistently innovate with new aero and bodywork updates at almost every race.

[fancy_header type=”1″ subtitle=”for type=2″]Ferrari F1 Update Playlist[/fancy_header]

Ferrari are locked in a tight battle with Red Bull this year so have been updating their car regularly and they have also been at the forefront of the controversial F1 Halo roll hoop safety concept.

[fancy_header type=”1″ subtitle=”for type=2″]Red Bull F1 Update Playlist[/fancy_header]

As Red Bull continue to search for a return to form, they have been adapting the car with new aero parts to suit specific tracks each Grand Prix weekend.

[fancy_header type=”1″ subtitle=”for type=2″]McLaren F1 Update Playlist[/fancy_header]

McLaren have seen some improvement from this years Honda power unit, but are investing heavily in race by race updates to try and make gains in other areas of the car.


Following on from the F1 summer break, manufacturers who are not in a close battle for position this year will likely ramp up their focus on development for 2017, hoping the big changes in regulations will create new opportunities to shake up the grid.

For more F1 3D artwork, check out our Williams livery concepts and Facebook page to never miss an update.

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