Following up on my post on how to get an animation job in Japan I thought some of you may be interested in the language around the office. You can use this to get a head start with some animation specific vocab and phrases that you will hear on a day to day basis. With the help of 3 translators from Polygon Pictures ( ポリゴンピクチュアズ ), here is a run down on what they and I think will be most useful and so you can hear the correct pronunciation from native Japanese speakers.

Loan Words “Gairaigo”

3D – surii dii – スリーディー
Computer – conpyuutaa – コンピューター
Animation – animeshyon – アニメーション
Modelling – moderingu – モデリング
Texturing – tekusuchyuringu – テクスチャリング
Rigging – rigingu – リギング
Lighting – raitingu – ライティング
Keyframe – kiifuremu – キーフレーム
Character – kyarakutaa – キャラクター
Slow Motion – hai supiido – ハイスピード
Path/ Pass – pasu – パス
Approved – oke desu – オーケーです

Japanese Vocab

Same – Onaji – 同じ
Different – Chigau – 違う
Faster – Hayaku – 早く
Slower – Osoku – 遅く
Longer – Nagaku – 長く
Shorter – mijikaku 短く
Variety of movement/ shape/ energy – MeriHari – メリハリ
Got it/ understood – Ryoukai desu. – 了解です
Ease in/ Ease out – Tame/ Tsume – ため・つめ

Japanese Phrases

Working hard!? Keep it up! – Otsukaresama desu – お疲れ様です
Sorry for the disruption – Shitsure shimasu – しつれします
Sorry I’m leaving before you – Osaki ni shitsure shimasu – おさきにしつれいします
Thanks in advance - Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu – よろしくお願いします
Today I am working on X – Kyo wa X o yarimasu – 今日はXをやります
I’m finished – Owarimashita – 終わりました
Around this area/ about here – Kono hen desu – このへんです
I corrected (the retakes/ changes) – Shuusei shimashita - 修正しました
I submitted X – X o teishutsu shimashita – Xを提出しました
Maya has crashed – Maya ga ochimashita – Mayaが落ちました
Maya has crashed again – Maya ga mata kurashu shimashita – Mayaがまたクラッシュしました


  • Learn the numbers and generic counter
  • Do not trust google translate, but use it as a very rough guide.
  • Speak slowly in English to help Japanese people understand you
  • If all else fails, say you will get the translator! – Tsuyaku o yonde kimasu – つうやく(通訳)をよんできます

Don’t forget to check my previous post on how to get an animation job in Japan and do leave a comment or drop me a line on twitter if you have any questions. Happy studies!



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