Mighty No 9

Mighty No. 9 (マイティーナンバーナイン) is an upcoming action-platform video game produced by Keiji Inafune, illustrator and co-designer of Mega Man. Now they are developing a TV series for Mighty No.9 and I had the pleasure of working on the teaser. This was a terrifically exciting project to work on with very demanding clients so there was a huge amount of work to do to realise the vision for the character. On this project I was in charge of the look development, lighting and compositing so it was great to work across all three roles and closely with the VFX artists to ensure all the different elements came together smoothly in comp. You can check out the official page here if you want to know more about Mighty No.9.

Posted on July 7, 2014 in blogPosts

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Dean Wright is a Creative Director and VFX Supervisor. He writes about the 3D animation industry, Motorsport and working life in Japan following his time there in 2013-2014. Having worked internationally at major studios, he now lives in London working as Creative Video Director for Motorsport network.

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