With so many universities offering a range of animation, VFX and games courses, it is tough to make the right choice.

The United Kingdom has a booming animation market with studios such as MPC , Framestore, Dneg, Passion pictures and many more, even Industrial Light & Magic have set up shop in London working on Star Wars and other huge blockbusters. With artists from around the globe coming to the UK to work one of the worlds epicenters for visual effects, the jobs market is incredibly competitive and being saturated with new talent.

It is important to consider student testimonials when choosing your visual effects course

If you want to stand out from the crowd, the right skills and showreel are going to be key. Although there are now hundreds of online courses and fantastic free tutorials available, a university degree can be a valuable investment, if you choose the right place to study. I originally studied at Bournemouth University and chose it due to its almost unrivaled reputation in the UK at the time, but times have changed since I graduated way back in 2009!

Ensure you research what VFX facilities are available before making your decision

To help you make your choice of animation course, David Mattock of Full Rotation design and animation has carried out extensive research into the top universities around the UK. They interviewed the best in the education business and asked interesting facts like what their students went on to create and put them all together on one page. The list is extensive, but it is well worth investing the time to read through to put your visual effects career on the right path, so make sure you follow the link below.

The top universities in the UK to launch your career in Animation or VFX

If you want to educate yourself on how we created VFX for one of our own films, check out the making of our BB8 in London short!


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